Senior Gold

The Senior Gold Program was designed to help seniors purchase vehicles!

The Senior gold program was designed to help seniors purchase vehicles in a comfortable atmosphere and to use their stable and consistent income and longtime residence as a bargaining tool with a select number of banks that generally prefer a senior’s portfolio. Social Security, disability, interest income, retirement income, most all of our seniors are on fixed and stable income of some kind. When you are designated as a senior gold customer our process will slow down to allow you to take your time with your decision. We invite you, after you've selected a vehicle, to take it to your mechanic if you choose or to go home and take a night to sleep on it. But the best thing is that we have paired with a number of lending institutions that are committed to making our seniors gold program successful by offering rates so low that your monthly payment will fit your budget perfectly. The bank knows that as a senior you most likely will take care of their investment and make the payments promptly on schedule. When we pair you with a lending institution you will then choose from our vast inventory of like new cars trucks and SUV’s and receive special senior gold pricing, rates and be treated with respect.

 Multiple specialized Banks and Credit Unions compete to approve you for the car of your dreams!

No matter if your credit score is 500 or 800, just click and let dozens of specialized banks and credit unions compete to win your business regardless of your credit. Plus, when you apply online, one of our loan facilitators will negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest rate possible. Once approved, you can shop from home. Choose from almost 1000 like-new Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, Fords, BMWs, Chevys, Cadillacs, Acuras, Mercedes' and more. And, to keep your payments low, most are sold for under $18 Grand.